Valor Couture, Inc.

A Fashion Line With A Statement


Kimberley Zulkowski has always been a believer in making a statement. The second of twelve children, she was born to a mother marred in substance abuse, yet survived against all odds. She courageously found a way, earning respect and emerging triumphant, becoming the very personification of valor.

 In an effort to give back to her community, Kimberley Zulkowski launched two successful companies with no financial backing:

 Harmony Social Services – a foster child agency set up to place abused and neglected children into the hearts and homes of people willing to love and nurture them.

 Faith Family Services, Inc – a home healthcare agency which assists individuals with disabilities by caring for them in their homes instead of a facility. 

Kimberley Zulkowski’s dedication as an active member of her community doesn’t stop there. She is not only a participant at city council meetings, but created the Talitha Cumi Fund in order to assist families affected by violence by aiding with funeral expenses. A scholarship program, Margie’s Legacy, raises funds for foster girls with college aspirations. Zulkowski’s tireless efforts as a champion of human rights and  active member of her community led to her receiving the National Black Administrator Award in Washington, D.C. in appreciation of her commitment to making the world around her a better place. 


 Valor Couture

a fashion line with a statement


All of these accolades and endeavors have led up to her latest endeavor, Valor Couture, Inc. The high-end clothing line, which will exude the strength and courage synonymous with Kimberley Zulkowski, proposes to be a line that celebrates the strength necessary to overcome adversity. Valor Couture is statement wear for the modern woman set out to conquer the world one endeavor at a time. Whether on an interview in a classy business suit, attending her first day of high school in trendy coverall sets, or on a first date wearing emerald green high heels, Valor Couture makes the fashion statement that every woman of substance wants to make.

 Valor Couture is apparel is on a mission to be just as impactful, powerful, and regal as the woman wearing it.


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 ‘Where Fierce and Fashion Meet’