5 Simply Must Have Items Every Women Should Have in Her Closet

There are lots of things every woman would like to have in their closet based on their own wants and likes, but then there are 5 “must haves” that have to make up part of your attire for any woman that wants to be in fashion and dress with pizzazz.

1.  The Blazer:

We’re talking neutral colors here like white or black and it has to be of exceptional quality and classy looking. The Blazer is a never fail item that can be worn with a lot of different pieces of clothing, and can immediately dress up the look of some otherwise very plain looking items. Plus, it can be accessorized to dress it up or down.

Why? Whenever in doubt, the blazer can come to the rescue. Not sure if you should wear pants or a skirt? As long as you have a blazer on hand, then you can take the guesswork out of this choice. The blazer dresses up the pants, and you will be right in fashion.

2.  Black Dress Pants:

Not everyone can wear black but everyone can wear black dress pants. At least one pair of these is a must have for every woman’s closet. These are super easy to dress up with any color or style of top and they are chic and elegant looking, yet simple and not overbearing.

Why? There are many occasions that can crop up on the spur of the moment where you really aren’t sure what the dress code is going to be. It takes the worry out of whether you are going to be over or under dressed. You can dictate what the overall effect is going to with your choice of top. If you want to go dressy, then you can get the results you are looking for with a beautiful silk blouse. Or if you want to downplay the look then a crisp cotton shirt will do the trick.

3.  Tops:

You aren’t going to get away with just one of these as part of your wardrobe collection. That doesn’t mean that you have to have tons of them either. Two casual and two dressy should keep you in your comfort zone for being able to mix and match your clothing for most event or occasions. When it comes to colors you can play it safe with the neutrals, but you would be further ahead if one of the casual and one of the dressy ones were in a bold and vibrant color that best suits you.

Why? Other attire in your wardrobe like your skirts and pants are going to require a top, so you definitely need these. It is far better to have a few top quality types then a whole selection of inferior ones that just aren’t going to do you justice.

4.  Plain and Simple Dress:

A lot of women really don’t like to wear black because they feel it won’t complement their skin tones or even their hair color. This shouldn’t be a concern, because with the right accessories they can form a barrier between the skin and the dress. The choice should be plain and simple, and if possible sleeveless.

Why? First, this type of dress gives you tons of opportunities to scale it up with your accessories. It can be accessorized with scarfs, jewellery or belts to create multiple different looks ranging from dressy to casual to sporty. There aren’t too many pieces of clothing that offer this type of flexibility. It is the type of dress that never goes out of fashion, but it must be made of good quality materials and craftsmanship.

5.  Plain black pumps:

You may have tons of shoes in your closet, but if one pair of them isn’t the classic black pumps then you are truly missing out on a valuable resource. These shoes are favorite standbys for any occasion. No matter what color the rest of your clothing that you are wearing at the moment may be, these shoes are not going to overpower your look, nor make you look underdressed.

Why? Provided you buy good quality and the right height they are going to end up being comfortable and never leave you in a panic when it comes to shoe wear. They complement any form of dress from elegance to the laid back and natural look. They are applicable for any seasonal wear.